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Helen Farr

Maritime archaeologist

I am currently a Leverhulme E. C. R. Fellow at Southampton University. My research focuses upon prehistoric submerged landscapes in the Solent, U.K. and the dynamic relationship between people and their changing environment as sea-levels rose during the Holocene. My PhD research at Cambridge University utilized obsidian analysis and palaeo-environmental reconstructions to shed new light on the exchange of raw materials, technology and ideology in order to investigate Neolithic identity, travel and seafaring in the central Mediterranean. After my PhD I worked as an AHRC Research Fellow in Cambridge, developing research on submerged prehistoric landscapes and coastal geomorphological processes as part of the Bova Marina Project. My involvement with the Mauritius Project has rekindled my interest in early seafaring and island colonization. I am particularly interested in early Indian Ocean diasporas and am currently combining maritime archaeological and palaeo-environmental approaches to help understand insularity and the development of Indian Ocean identity.