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Rosa Fregel

Ancient DNA specialist

My research is focused on human population genetics, principally using uniparental markers (mitochondrial DNA and Y-chromosome). I completed my PhD in Genetics from University of La Laguna in 2010, funded by the Canarian Autonomic Government. An important part of my research is focused on the analysis of ancient population. I have participated in several projects including, among others, ancient remains from the Canary Islands aborigines (dated around 1500 – 700 years BP), Canarian slaves from the XVII century, and also Late Upper Paleolithic and Neolithic remains from the Basque Country. In addition, I have analyzed modern human populations from several places, including the Macaronesian Archipelago, the Iberian Peninsula and Africa. My role in this project is focused in the analysis of uniparental markers in human remains excavated in the several archaeological sites. Our aim is to determine the geographic origin of the Mauritius’ slave population and to establish their genetic legacy on the modern population, in order to shed light on the genetic temporal evolution of Mauritius.